If you are 1st time visiting the site and confused how to make a birthday cake with photo name & edit then follow these below steps:

  • 1 Click on choose a photo
  • 2 Click on browse and select a photo of your choice
  • 3 Click on the upload button
  • 4 Below you can see the uploaded photo of your choice – click on select photo
  • 5 Adjust the photo as per the suited on the birthday cake
  • 6 Write a name of birthday person
  • 7 Click on save photo
  • 8 Here is the photo which you are looking for. Now, download the photo if you are fine with it.
  • 9 Or else if you want to create it again then click on re-create and follow the steps from 1 to 7 again.
  • 10 If you want to change the frame of your existing photo then click on change frame option and select the frame as per your choice.
  • 11 If all is perfect and good to go then at last, share birthday cake with photo name and edit picture to your loved one by sharing whatsapp, facebook, twitter, pinterest, e-mail, Tumblr or from many other options.